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Municipal Institution "Uman Taras  Shevchenko Professional College of Education and Humanities of Cherkasy Regional Council" is a branch institution of  the professional pre-higher education, which conducts educational activities related to the field of getting  professional pre-higher  and higher education. The College prepares professional junior bachelors and bachelors of the first (bachelor's) level of higher education in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On  the Professional Pre-Higher Education". The owner of the college is Cherkasy Regional Council, the form of ownership of the institution is municipal. The institution is subordinated to the Department of Education and Science of Cherkasy Regional State Administration.

The College was founded in 1908, it bears the name of T.H. Shevchenko almost 100 years.

Training specialists at the college is organized on the basis of basic and complete general (professional) secondary education. The college has 4 departments:  of Musical Art, of Pre-school and Primary school Education, of Social and Special Education, and Part time department.

4 educational professional programs are successfully carried out for professional junior bachelor’s degree and the first (bachelor's) degree of higher education, they are: "Preschool Education", "Primary school Education", "Secondary school Education (Musical Art), “Social work", “Special Education”.


The mission of the College is to preserve and multiply the traditions of modern, high-quality Ukrainian education.

The implementation of the mission is aimed at the formation of the vision of the College, which is achieved through the implementation of projects and programs of its development based on the basis of competencies, professionalism, quality, creativity and academic integrity.


The vision of the College is an institution of successful, competent, competitive participants of the educational process.

The mission and the vision of the College provide the implementation of a set of goals /tasks in the following strategic areas:

- creation of a favorable educational environment and conditions for the students' development;

- implementation of educational activities in accordance with state standards;

- development of the scientific potential of participants in educational activities;

- improvement of scientific research, training and innovation activities of the institution;

- formation of the SMART environment of the College;

- development of the corporate culture of the college community;

- creation of meaningful leisure time and education conditions for the  students, scientific and pedagogical staff of the College;

- ensuring openness and transparency of the College activities.

EU Programmes

Erasmus+ Programme

Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. It offered a life changing experience to more than 10 million participants over the last 30 years, and will continue offering opportunities for a wide variety of individuals and organisations for the next seven-year lifecycle (2021-2027).

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Zoia Kramska  


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Municipal Institution "Uman Taras Shevchenko Professional College of Education and Humanities of Cherkasy Regional Council"

33/1, Nebesna Sotnia Street, Uman, Cherkasy Region,

20301, Ukraine

Тel/fax: +3804744 4-04-76

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Web: www.ugpk.edu.ua

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